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Internal Document shows United We Dream to be Controlled by Lobbyists Closely Affiliated With The Democratic Party

UWD internal document

What is disturbing is how many powerful and Democrat-laden groups on RI4A’s Management Table are purposely trying to exclude the many dissenting voices among the immigrant population. Too many close ties to the deporter-in-chief.

Vote Undocumented Immigrants as Time’s Person of the Year Because They Are America.

Time magazine is having its annual contest on who the Person of the Year for 2012 should be.

You can vote, “definitely”, HERE.


Because Undocumented Immigrants represent what America is all about. They are our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

The immigration laws have changed but the people have not.

Undocumented Immigrants

By Howard Chua-EoanMonday, Nov. 26, 2012

What do you think?

Should Undocumented Immigrants be TIME’s Person of the Year 2012?
DefinitelyNo Way

An invisible population stepped forward on June 15, 2012, to stake its claim to the American Dream. On that day, President Obama declared that certain undocumented immigrants — a group simply labeled “illegal” by many — would not be subjected to deportation, under broad-ranging conditions. Suddenly the logjam of immigration reform shifted, as more than 1 million undocumented young people who had been in the country for the past five years found themselves with new opportunities. What is more, the sympathies of other groups of people who have undocumented relatives — and thus are mindful of their plight — may have clearly shifted to a President on a campaign for re-election, as evidenced by the preponderance of Hispanic and Asian-American voters casting their ballots for Obama. Chastened by the results of the vote, the GOP has warmed to a legislative fix, increasing chances of comprehensive reform.

Watch Bryan Johnson on Telemundo speak about need to obtain counsel for deferred action applications

For the Spanish-speaking audience, do not listen to reckless advice of politicians such as Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman Luis Gutierrez on applications for deferred action for childhood arrivals.