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DHS Censors Article Critical of ICE Chief Counsel of New York

Yesterday, I wrote an article in which I claimed that Wen-Ting Cheng, the Chief Counsel of ICE in New York, was a coward for not meeting with Danna, a severely disabled little girl who may lose her father to deportation.

To disseminate this article, I relied heavily upon Facebook.

I realized this morning that a person or persons reported the link to the article as abusive to Facebook, and likely to other sources.

Does facebook have a different standard for censorship if DHS is the reporting party? We think so.

Does Facebook have a different standard for censorship if DHS is the reporting party? We think so.

I was suspicious given that the article attracted 33 page loads in one day from a variety of IP addresses at DHS Headquarters.

I then went back over our logs for the day to see when Facebook visited our website. My findings are alarming, as the following photo demonstrates:

Facebook accounted for 4 out of 336 views to our website yesterday. Facebook visited only 2 minutes following a visitor from DHS Headquarters.

Facebook accounted for 4 out of 336 views to our website yesterday. Facebook visited only 2 minutes following a visitor from DHS Headquarters.

It is fairly obvious that DHS did not like the article I posted yesterday. So DHS reported it as abusive in retaliation for my unusually public criticism of a non-public DHS employee, NY Chief Counsel, Wen-Ting Cheng.

DHS probably would not have visited yesterday but for the fact that I sent the article to Wen-Ting Cheng in an email and she subsequently forwarded it to her superiors.

Big Brother is not just watching.

Report: Obama Misrepresenting Deportation Statistics

A report by TRAC released on December 5, 2011 reveals that the Obama Administration has been blatantly misrepresenting deportation statistics in an effort to minimize the ugly fact that he is deporting non criminals in record numbers. The statistics were obtained through a FOIA request made to the Department of Justice (DOJ), a government agency that is separate from the Department of Homeland Security. (DHS)

In deportation proceedings initiated during July-September 2011 by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the nation’s 50 plus immigration Courts, only 7,378 individuals–just 13.8 percent of the total–were charged with having engaged in criminal activities. Of those targeted, the proportion of alleged “criminals” is down significantly from the already low level of 16.5 percent during FY2010.

This report demands questions of the Obama administration’s representations on immigration enforcement. In fact, Obama even felt it necessary to have Cecilia Munoz pen an article with the title: “In the Debate Over Immigration and Deportation, the Facts Matter.” In that article, the following statistics were provided:

  • There was a greater than 70% increase in the deportation of those with criminal records from FY2008 to FY2010, and a decrease of those without criminal records.
  • Today more than half of all removals are people with criminal records.
  • And among those removed who had no criminal records, more than two thirds were either apprehended as they crossed the border, were recent arrivals, or were repeat violators of immigration law, meaning that they had previously been deported.

Yet curiously DHS  has refused to provide the same records that DOJ just released. Trac explains:

TRAC’s findings appear to contrast sharply with the White House’s announcementthat: “Under the President’s direction, for the first time ever the Department of Homeland Security has prioritized the removal of people who have been convicted of crimes in the United States.” The findings also are hard to reconcile with ICE’s recent press statements that claimed that during the past year the agency had targeted a large and increasing number of convicted criminals for deportation.

Unfortunately, while the agency could easily clear up these apparent discrepancies it has chosen not to do so. Indeed, for twenty months, in clear violation of public disclosure laws, ICE has persisted in withholding from TRAC the case-by-case data TRAC requested under FOIA that the agency maintains on these same court proceedings — information precisely parallel to what the Department of Justice already determined must be released to the public from its own files. DHS and other government offices have failed to rectify this matter despite TRAC’s appeals to DHS’s Director of Disclosure and FOIA Operations, as well as to the Office of Government Information Services (OGIS). (emphasis added)

The records ICE is withholding would show just which ICE programs — such as Secure Communities or others — have contributed to fewer alleged criminals being targeted for deportation in court proceedings. The data would also allow the public to judge whether ICE’s actual activities match ICE’s announced policies to target serious criminals, and those who pose threats to public safety, as well as to better monitor how the agency exercises prosecutorial discretion in whom it seeks to deport.

In addition, TRAC contacted ICE’s Public Relations office on November 7, 2011 asking for explanations of the figures given in the agency’s October 18, 2011 press releasethat claimed the agency’s FY 2011 accomplishments closely matched announced ICE priorities. At a meeting with ICE officials November 10, the agency promised to promptly provide answers to a series of TRAC questions that asked for details backing up the agency’s claims. Again and again, however, the promised answers did not materialize. ICE’s Public Affairs office continues to say the promised answers will be forthcoming.

Regardless of whether one is an advocate for comprehensive immigration reform, the stark discreprancies between what this report shows and what the Obama administration says should be of concern to everyone.

For example, is the administration overtly lying to the American public? Does ICE really  prioritize deportations, or do they randomly deport whomever may come across their path? The hard facts–those revealed from Department of Justice Records rather than the voice of bureaucrat–suggest the worst: the administration is lying to the public and simply deporting as many people as it can, irrespective of their own purported rationale for focusing resources on the biggest and baddest illegals.