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FOIA reveals insight into architects of Trump’s anti-asylum agenda

The FOIA results are below.

At the dawn of Trump’s presidency, Gene Hamilton and Dimple Shah appear to have had outsized influence in the shaping the President’s aggressive push to end asylum for Central Americans.

FOIA Results: ICE used unsafe vaccines due to faulty refrigeration in family detention centers

Below are the results of a long-sought FOIA from 2016, which ICE originally had found no responsive records for.

After a meta foia–a request for all emails regarding the original FOIA with ICE–I realized ICE’s determination was incorrect.

As a result, I filed yet another FOIA, based on the evidence found in the meta foia results, and finally today ICE provided responsive documents.

Family Detention: Motion to Enforce With Exhibits Part 2


Exhibits 14-18

14. Declaration of Lindsay Harris (Flores Violations) 285

15. Declaration of Lindsay Harris (Medical Conditions) w/ Exhibits 290

16. Declaration of Lindsay Harris (Due Process) 375

17. Declaration of Manoj Govindaiah w/ Exhibit 385

18. Declaration of Robert Doggett w/Exhibis 409