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E-mails between EOIR Director and Immigration Judges Couch, Wilson, and Cassidy

The original FOIA request was as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam:

I request all records of email communications of EOIR director James McHenry that reference any of the following keywords for FY2017; FY2018; and YTD FY 2019:

“Stuart Couch”

“Immigration Judge Couch”

“IJ Couch”

“V. Stuart Couch”


“Earle Wilson”

“Earle B Wilson”

“Immigration Judge Wilson”

“Immigration Judge Earle Wilson”

“IJ Wilson”


“William Cassidy”

“William A Cassidy”

“Immigration Judge Cassidy”

“Immigration Judge William Cassidy”


Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Here are the responsive documents:

Asylum Office Training Materials

FOIA Docs Re: USAID’s $16 million award for Northern Triangle Deportations

Please see results below. Better late than never…

“You requested all records related to USAID’S project award for $16,813,000.00 to the International Organization for Migration. The project award’s identification number is AID596IO 1600003 and its stated purpose is for “return and reintegration in the northern triangle.”