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NY Asylum Officer Grant Statistics FY 2013-FY2018

Fresh off the FOIA press are the statistics on asylum grants for every asylum officer out of the New York Asylum Office:

Click the following dropbox link to download the excel file directly:


FOIA data reveals BIA policy of accepting untimely briefs DHS

The Board of Immigration Appeals has a policy of accepting untimely briefs from DHS.

However, it does not appear that the BIA also has a policy of accepting untimely briefs from attorneys representing immigrants.

Please let us know if the BIA has rejected untimely briefs for any of your clients. Your information will remain confidential. You can send an e-mail to

(This data shows the DHS fails to write a brief for roughly 60% of the appeals filed with the BIA. In FY 2017, for example, the BIA issued just under 16,000 decisions, and the DHS filed a total of 5,606 appeals.)



EOIR Director Condoned Immigration Judge V. Stuart Couch Misconduct Against Victims of Domestic Violence

A partial FOIA release today shows that Immigration Judge V. Stuart Couch directly e-mailed EOIR Director James McHenry regarding his overt defiance of the BIA’s order to him to grant or deny asylum to a victim of domestic violence. Director McHenry’s response to Couch?

Thanks. Let me know as soon as you hear from the BIA.

This release is only partial given that EOIR must consult with the main Department of Justice prior to releasing communications made between IJ Couch and individuals in DOJ leadership.