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FOIA Results: ICE used unsafe vaccines due to faulty refrigeration in family detention centers

Below are the results of a long-sought FOIA from 2016, which ICE originally had found no responsive records for.

After a meta foia–a request for all emails regarding the original FOIA with ICE–I realized ICE’s determination was incorrect.

As a result, I filed yet another FOIA, based on the evidence found in the meta foia results, and finally today ICE provided responsive documents.

Honduran President Accused of Narcotics Trafficking

Juan Orlando Hernandez, the President of Honduras, was accused by US Prosecutors of being heavily involved with narcotics trafficking.

Here is an excerpt, CC-4 is Juan Orlando Hernandez:

In approximately 2013, CC-4, the defendant’s brother, instructed CW-3 not to seek reelection because of media reports regarding CW-3’s drug-trafficking activities. CC-4 warned that he could not continue to protect CW-3 if he remained in office, particularly in light of extradition-related pressures. CC-4 also asked CW-3 to support his campaign for the Honduran presidency by bribing local politicians so that they would muster support for CC-4 from their constituencies. CW-3 agreed to pay the bribes in exchange for, among other things, continued protection and the completion of a public works project in his region. CW-3 subsequently spent approximately $1.5 million in drug proceeds to support CC-4’s presidential campaign, including by paying cash bribes to other officials and providing gifts and favors to local politicians.

Federal Judge Smacks Down William Barr’s Attempt to Indefinitely Detain Asylum Seekers

In Matter of M-S (27 I. & N. Dec. 509 (A.G. 2019) , Attorney General William Barr, who has turned out to be a reliable anti-immigrant, anti-rule-of-law tool for Donald Trump, tried to allow DHS to indefinitely detain immigrants during their asylum hearings before Immigration Judges.

A U.S. District Court just ruled that Barr’s actions were illegal: M-S- violates the United States Constitution. Here is the modified decision and order from the case: