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Memorandum on Immigration Judge Jurisdiction to Grant Bond For Unaccompanied Children Who Reach the Age of Majority and Were Designated as Arriving Aliens Previously

Unlawful Notice of Intent To Revoke Approved Special Immigrant Juvenile Petition

Berks County DA Refuses To Prosecute Crimes Against Children At Berks County Residential Center

See below: Also, to be clear, I received the letter from Berks County on July 6, 2017, despite the letter being dated June 26, 2017.

Protected: Form I-213 Redacted

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AILA’s Request To Reveal Immigration Judges’ Misconduct




Family Detention: Motion to Enforce With Exhibits Part 2


Exhibits 14-18

14. Declaration of Lindsay Harris (Flores Violations) 285

15. Declaration of Lindsay Harris (Medical Conditions) w/ Exhibits 290

16. Declaration of Lindsay Harris (Due Process) 375

17. Declaration of Manoj Govindaiah w/ Exhibit 385

18. Declaration of Robert Doggett w/Exhibis 409

Family Detention: Motion to Enforce With Exhibits Part 1

Motion to Enforce Settlement and Appoint a Special Monitor


Exhibits 1-13:

1. Declaration of Peter Schey 1

2. Excerpts of Exhibits 66

3. Declaration of Bridget Cambria 103

4. Declaration of Carol Anne Donohoe 114

5. Declaration of Jacqueline Kline 119

6. Declaration of Jocelyn Dyer 154

7. Declaration of Natalia Ospina 159

8. Declaration of Leanne Purdum 162

9. Declaration of Theresa Wilkes 166

10. Declaration of Amanda Doroshow 170

11. Declaration of Ed Mccarthy 173

12. Declaration of Robyn Barnard w/ Exhibits 176

13. Declaration of Karen Lucas w/ Exhibits 212


Declaration of AFOD Joshua Reid & Berks County Family Residential Handbook

Declaration of Assistant Field Office Director, Joshua Reid, & Berks County Residential Center Handbook. This document was filed on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security in the ongoing Flores litigation. 

Private Criminal Complaint Filed Today Against John F. Kelly & Thomas Homan For Endangering the Welfare of Children

“Mr. Kelly continues to knowingly detain child #1; child #2; and child # 3 in clear violation of 55 PA Code § 3800.283(7); 237 Pa. Code. 200.1(a); which, taken together,

expressly prohibit placing non-delinquent children, non-dependent, or children under the age of 10 in a secure facility.


In doing so, Mr. Kelly has caused each child severe and potentially fatal harm, including but not limited to causing children to suffer from 309.81 Posttraumatic Stress

Disorder, Delayed Onset, Chronic.; 309.81 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic; 309.28 [F43.23] Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood;

Suicidal Ideation; and Suicidal Gestures;


Mr.Kelly has and continues, through his agents in DHS and contracted staff at BCRC, to intentionally and unlawfully deprive children of sleep by flashing bright lights

on their faces at 15 minute intervals from 8:30 pm to 6:30 am, a total of 40 interruptions in sleep per night, 280 interruptions in sleep per week; & 14,560 interruptions

per year.”

Credible Fear Statistics for Immigration Judges

Analysis of data on Immigration Judge Credible Fear Reviews 

EOIR response letter & original data on Immigration Judge Credible Fear Reviews 

Credible Fear Cover letter.

EOIR response letter & original data on Family Detention Immigration Judge Credible Fear Reviews

Family Detention Immigration Judge Credible Fear Review