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Immigration Judge Charles Conroy made two false allegations of fact in baseless complaint made against associate attorney

After a careful, detailed review of all the evidence available to me, I have determined it is necessary to inform the general public, particularly immigration attorneys and immigration judges, of the following complaint I lodged with EOIR against Immigration Judge Charles Conroy.

Judge Conroy should and must be prevented making false allegations of fact against attorneys who appear before him.


In re-reading Judge Conroy’s original complaint, I realized he made 2 false allegations of fact instead of just one.

The second one: “she also claimed that her notice of hearing had a date for March of 2019…”

Again, Judge Conroy’s allegation is false on its face: our associate’s actual claim was that her hearing notes reflected a date for a March 2019 master calendar hearing date.

Directly transcribed from the audio of the hearing:

Over two minutes after Judge Conroy  ordered respondents removed in absentia and stated “I am going to make a referral to the EOIR ethics office for your failure to appear today, our associate said: “I have my hearing notes here, your honor…it says here… it says the next master from my hearing notes is March…2019. I think I have the notice of hearing for that particular case, I am not sure, I will have to look in the file…” (Judge Conroy never gave our associate an opportunity to look in the file for the actual physical hearing notice. The failure to appear was solely due to a simple mistake made in the hearing notes, which occurred only one time over the course of almost 2 years with our firm. Also, another Immigration Judge granted our motion to reopen shortly after the February hearing before IJ Conroy.)

Again, like the first false allegation, Judge Conroy evidently did not carefully review the audio record of proceeding because he falsely alleged that our associate “…claimed that her notice of hearing had a date for March of 2019.”

End note.

Here is my complaint, followed by Judge Conroy’s original complaint to EOIR Disciplinary counsel:

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