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Evidence of EOIR’s indefensible about-face on redacting all asylum cases related to domestic violence.

Recently, EOIR redacted just about all the relevant facts and law in a FOIA release of Immigration Judge Barry Pettinato’s decisions and BIA remands for the Fiscal Year 2017.

I thought the redactions may have been an error by a rookie specialist, but today I learned there was no mistake.

Here is the exchange with one of EOIR’s attorneys:



Here is the evidence proving EOIR’s claim–that the redactions for IJ Pettinato are consistent with other cases they’ve released–is false:

In a release of Immigration Judges Couch and Wilson, which occurred only a matter of months previous to the Pettinato release, the matter of A-R-C-G was referenced 212 and 65 times, respectively.

In IJ Pettinato’s release, the matter of A-R-C-G was referenced 0 times. Why?

Because EOIR decided to suddenly redact every reference to the matter of A-R-C-G- under a new policy, as set forth by EOIR’s attorney, that all ARCG references must be redacted because “that would be an indicator the alien is connected to a particular social group.”

See the searches conducted below for “A-R-C-G”:



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