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Mother, Daughter, & 4-month-old Granddaughter murdered in Ciudad Delgado


Valentina Rivas, 4 months and 21 days old, was shot by gunmen pretending to be Police Officers. She died in her father’s arms, after being rushed to the hospital. 

Armida Marisol Mendez, 42-years-old, her daughter Alexia Marisol Rivera, 22, and her grandchild, Valentina Rivas, 4 months and 21 days old, were murdered in their home in  the Santa Marta Neighborhood of Ciudad Delgado, San Salvador.

The triple crime was allegedly committed by two subjects who had knocked on the door pretending to pass as police officers in the middle of the night this past Monday.

According the the information, the murderers directly shot at the mother and daughter, while the baby was struck by the bullets that were fired at her mother Alexia Marisol. The baby, still alive, was transported to the hospital Benjamin Bloom, but died in the arms of her father, according to the information.

Another child was saved from death because fortunately she went to sleep at the home of close by relatives.

Armida Marisol Mendez was pregnant according to the report from the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR).

The public ministry does not have a hypothesis for the triple crime, although the police do not rule out that it is related to settling of scores (revenge: translator note). Nevertheless, close family members did not know that they were threatened. One version claims that both women  had links to gangs.

This will have been the 9th massacre of this month, according to police and prosecutor records. Furthermore, this will be the second triple femicide recorded in April, the first was of a mother and her two daughters this past 4th of April during a robbery of their home in the Quezaltepec de Santa Tecla neighborhood.

For his part, the Chief Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights, David Morales, lamented this act of violence, “which is evidence of the cruelty, hate, evil and senseless violence with which the criminal elements are attacking society and now are costing the life of three women of the same family,” he said in a statement.

The Attorney Morales expressed his concern for the triple crime in Ciudad Delgado, as well as the increase in the cases that have been recorded in the last months in which women and girls have been victims. The official demanded that the Attorney General of the Republic prioritize the investigation of this crime.

Two Massacres Against Women

The crime in Ciudad Delgado will be the second massacre of three women in a period of 10 days.

This past 4th of April, a woman of 40 years and her daughters, of 20 and eight years-old, were murdered in cold blood in their home in the  Quezaltepec de Santa Tecla neighborhood.

The murderers had killed their victims with a firearm after having them tied up for 3 hours, according the the National Civil Police.

The three femicides were committed by subjects that knew their victims and to ensure there were no witnesses  they killed all of them, after robbing them of $20 thousand.

The triple femicide against the mother, daughter, and granddaughter, committed this past Monday night in Ciudad Delgado, could be linked to gangs, according to the PNC. For the first crime, three suspects are being processed while for the second massacre there have still been no one apprehended as suspects.

9 Massacres

Between April 3 and April 12, there have been nine massacres recorded in the country.

6 Women

In the two massacres of women registered in April six women have died.


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