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1000 reasons why Obama Belongs in Jail For Illegally Detaining and Deporting Children

Leon Fresco

Leon Fresco is Obama’s Chief Immigration Lawyer. He is the legal architect of family detention as well as the child rocket docket. Chuck Schumer contracted Fresco out to the Obama administration on behalf of the Democratic Party Leadership, who needed to look tough on the border, at the height of the border crisis (08/2014) to detain and deport as many children from Central America as possible.

Today,  attorneys representing immigrant children in the Flores case filed 1052 pages of evidence demonstrating that Obama administration officials–including but not limited to Barack Obama, Jeh Johnson, Sarah Saldana, and Chuck Schumer’s hired anti-immigrant gun, Leon Fresco–are willfully and openly defying U.S. District Court Judge’s August 21, 2015 order which commanded DHS to release children from secure, unlicensed detention facilities within 3-5 days of their initial apprehension.

Although the lawyers for the Children have not asked Judge Gee to hold the above-referenced officials in contempt of court, the evidence leaves little doubt that the Obama administration has and continues to illegally detain children in intentional defiance of the Court’s order.

On advice from their Chief Immigration Lawyer, Leon Fresco, Obama administration officials believe the law does not apply to them. Instead, the Obama administration officials believe they  can commit illegal acts solely because they are acting on behalf of the most powerful individuals in the world –the President of the Executive Branch of the United States Federal Government.

Below are links to all of the separate exhibits, with the last one the motion to enforce:

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