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The Chronicles of Jeh “The Child Executioner” Johnson

Spring is in the air and to President Obama this means Central American migration is also in the air.

Like clockwork, President Obama dispatched DHS Secretary Jeh “The Child Executioner” Johnson to send a renewed message to attempt to curtail a repeat of the 2014 exodus.

Here is the translation:

“Our borders are not open to illegal immigration. If someone is captured crossing our border illegally, an immigration court orders their removal, they do not have any appeals pending and do not have the requirements for asylum or other humanitarian claim under our laws, they will be repatriated”

Our policy of immigration control is centered on public security and border security. We are primcipally focusing on the removal of persons with criminal convictions and persons the represent a threat to the public security, such as persons who are detained at the border. This has been out constant policy since President Obama and I announced it in November of 2014, and it has not changed.

In concordance with these priorities, last month Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the United States initiated operations focused on the removal of families that were detained upon crossing the border illegally after January 1, 2014, have a final order of deportations issued by the immigration court and do not have any pending appeals or applications for asylum or any other humanitarian claim. Given that we are a nation of laws and we must secure our borders, these types of operations will continue to take place.


Meanwhile, our resources for enforcement of the immigration laws will not be utilized to deport those who have not committed serious crimes, that have been in the United States for years and have family there. In accordance with our policy, these persons are not priorities for deportation.

It is also certain that when our officials enforce the immigration laws, except in emergency circumstances, they will not arrest a person in a place of worship, a school, a hospital or medical clinic or other delicate place.

The trip to the United States in the hands of criminal human traffickers can be very dangerous. After charging high amounts of money, the smugglers can take advantage of the parents and of the children and put them at risk of physical harm, sexual abuse and exploitation. The smugglers can also demand additional money once the children are in the United States before releasing them.

As part of our renewed effort to secure our border, we are working with the Department of justice to redouble our efforts to find and charge criminal traffickers that take advantage of families.

Placing the lives of your loved ones in the hands of criminal smugglers is not the only option. We recognize that some individuals from Central America have legitimate reasons to ask for refuge. Our Secretary of State, John Kerry, recently announced that we are expanding our Refugee admission program to help men, women and vulnerable children secure refuge in the United States through a secure, legal, and orderly process.

The United States government is working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and nongovernmental organizations in Central America to implement these changes as soon as possible. This program will only be available for those who seek refugee status in the Central American region, not for those individuals who are already in the United States.

Our policy is clear: we will continue enforcing our immigration laws and securing our borders. A the same time, we will offer certain vulnerable individuals in Central America safe and legal alternatives to the dangerous trip north and the opportunity to apply for refugee status.


It is disturbing that the U.S. government is willing to distort reality or lie to Central Americans  to prevent them from seeking asylum in the United States as is their right.

Jeh Johnson, after all, is a licensed attorney in the State of New York. He is ethically obligated to be truthful.

Mr. Johnson begins his missive with a sentence that makes it appear that individual will be ordered removed by an immigration court immediately up0n being detained at the border.

The statement does not even explain that a person has the right to apply for asylum before an immigration judge and that in most circumstances a person will not be ordered removed until the immigration court denies their asylum claim or other application for relief.

The biggest misrepresentation is the claim that “Placing the lives of your loved ones in the hands of criminal smugglers is not the only option” to find refuge in the United States from violence in one’s home country.

Mr. Johnson continued “we are expanding our refugee admission program to help men, women, and children secure refuge in the United States through a secure, legal, and orderly process.”

Johnson’s use of the word “expanding” creates the impression the new refugee program is all but in place and all that remains is to cross the “t”s and dot the “i”s.

However, there is no alternative way to reach the United States for individuals who wish to apply for asylum in the United States but to do so by making the dangerous journey by land to the U.S./Mexico border. (Of note, it is far more dangerous to make the trip to the United States without aid of a human smuggler given one is completely vulnerable to the whims powerful organized crime groups or corrupt Mexican officials. In most scenarios, a human smuggler simply provides all inclusive transportation–bribes to corrupt officials included–to the U.S./Mexico border and then guidance to the point of crossing into the United States.)

At best, individuals under the expanded refugee program will not even be able to send in their applications for several more months.  It will then be another year or more of waiting to see if one is allowed to reach the safety of the United States.



All of this is further predicated on the assumption that the administration that replaces President Obama in January of 2017 does not cancel the refugee program for Central Americans.

So what is Jeh Johnson’s message really?

Stay in your country and die. If you get to the United States, we will send you back. We do not care what happens to you. We are only interested in ensuring you do not become a political liability for us.

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