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End Illegal Expedited Deportation of Children

(Picture above is of Juan Osuna, the Director of EOIR who is unlawfully prioritizing the removal of Central American children)

We recently sent a request to the Director of the Executive Office For Immigration Review, Juan Osuna, to immediately cease the illegal expedited deportation policy of Central American children.

Below is an excerpt, followed by a copy of the entire letter:

“We write to demand that EOIR cease its unlawful prioritization of removal proceedings of all children who entered the United States after May 1, 2014…”

“The priority docket’s intent and effect is to speed-up the removal of children…it is the exact opposite of what is required by law because it is designed to ensure that as many children as possible are deprived of due process in their removal proceedings.

It’s intent and result is to suffocate legal support networks so that as many children as possible are not able to secure a lawyer to represent them. 

Request to cease rocket docket from Bryan Johnson
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