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Obama’s Legacy: Deportation Raids Against Toddlers With No Lawyers

President Obama’s planned raids against Central American toddlers and their mothers has been a goal since the first border “surge” news broke in May of 2014. 

The 2014 birth of the two-tiered rocket deportation docket, which included individuals who entered USA after January of 2014 who were either 1. Unaccompanied Children; 2. Mothers and accompanying children, were the first seeds to be sown for today’s imminent raids.

To us on the ground, the purpose of the expedited docket was made clear immediately: to physically overload and overwhelm the existing  legal provider network (including for-profit and non profit lawyers) so that the maximum amount of children and/or mothers would not be able to hire or be appointed a lawyer.

With no lawyer, children and mothers are almost certain to be ordered deported by the immigration judge, according to TRAC.

Unsurprisingly, The Obama administration now plans to harvest the deportations seeds it planted from having intentionally cut out due process for children and mothers.

From 2014 to November of 2016, ICE has initiated deportation cases against 64,505 mothers and children.

61 percent, (40,391) of those moms and children do not have a lawyer.

86 percent (15,306 out of 17,625 total)  of mothers and children ordered deported had no lawyer while 14 percent of mothers and children ordered deported (2319) were represented by a lawyer.

Put differently, 90 percent (22,795) of mothers and children who entered the U.S. after 2014 and have a lawyer have not been ordered deported.

The severe deficiency in sufficient due process is evident as well in which immigration courts account for the high number of deportations.

Houston (3171 deportation orders), Dallas (2114), North Carolina (1690), Los Angeles (1305) Atlanta (1193), Baltimore (1098), and San Antonio (885) account for 58 percent (10,358) of total deportation orders yet only account for 37 percent of total cases (64,505).

Almost all of the removal orders at these courts were against children and mothers who had no lawyer. In the same immigration courts, the following percentage of removal orders were against mothers and children without lawyers: Houston (87 percent) , Dallas (97 percent), Charlotte (90 percent), Los Angeles (78 percent), Atlanta (60 percent), Baltimore (96 percent), and San Antonio(73 percent).

The Obama administration does not care about the rule of law, as it claims here:

“As Secretary Johnson has consistently said, our border is not open to illegal immigration, and if individuals come here illegally, do not qualify for asylum or other relief, they will be sent back consistent with our laws and our values,”

If it did, it would not try to intentionally deny thousands of vulnerable children and mothers their constitutional right to due process so that it could achieve their removal to deter other future vulnerable children and mothers from fleeing to the United States for political purposes. 

These raids are illegal because they are not consistent with our laws, specifically the supreme law of the land, the U.S. Constitution’s due process clause.

The truth is that Obama’s sole concern is and always has been “to send the message to would-be crossers that they won’t be allowed to remain in the U.S.” even if they would qualify for asylum or other relief to remain in the U.S. 



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