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2015: A Rewarding Yet Brutal Year

We espouse a philosophy that none of our children clients should ever be deported.

What this means is that we will wage fierce legal battles for any child even if it means that some cases will incur a financial loss. It’s the right thing to do.

In reviewing statistics from our Immigration Court accounts, we have determined the following figures:

In 2015, we permanently stopped the deportation of 151  out of 154  children whose cases were completed, a success rate of 98.05 percent.

94 percent of those children (145) have or will receive their green card and eventually become U.S. citizens if they so chose.

Only 3 children clients were ordered removed in 2015. It is worth pointing out that all 3 of these children were removed in their absence due to factors outside of our or their relatives’ control.

These results were not easy to achieve.

We have been under an almost-constant siege since late 2014 when the Obama administration decided the only way to deter children from fleeing death or serious harm in their countries was to unlawfully eliminate important due process protections for children and thus ensure the maximum amount of children possible would be deported.

With over 200 children’s cases still pending on the fast-track for deportation, we will fight on and continue to win virtually all of their cases.

In signing off for 2015, we wish all, especially our intrepid staff and clients, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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