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A break from the Relentless Darkness and then Victory.

From the carefree paradise of Negril, Jamaica–where the most important question of the day is boils down to whether to order a pina colada or mai tai–I write to inform all of how justice prevailed against the full weight of an ongoing criminal conspiracy by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, ICE Director Sarah Saldana, and the entire DHS enforcement apparatus.

On June 9, 2015, ICE told the Huffington Post:

An ICE official confirmed by email that Oliva and her son had been deported, saying that she had exhausted “all of her legal appeals before ICE, the Executive Office of Immigration Review and the Board of Immigration Appeals.” The official said ICE allowed Oliva to speak with a lawyer by telephone before deporting her.

On November 2, 2015, the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”) issued a decision reopening the removal proceedings of Lilian and her son, proving that ICE lied on June 9 and that, in fact, several DHS officials, which likely include DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and ICE Director Sarah Saldana, intentionally acted (before and/or after her deportation to Honduras) to deprive Lilian and her son of their Statutory and Constitutional Rights so that she could be deported without any chance to obtain asylum or special immigrant juvenile status in the United States.

Cheers to vacation and justice coinciding at the perfect moment.

Over one year ago, starting in June of 2014, The Obama administration, through a small team of advisors that include Cecilia Munoz and through DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and ICE Secretary Sarah Saldana, have intentionally defied U.S. laws that are designed to protect children and refugees such as Lilian and her son, as well as tens of thousands of other families and unaccompanied children by doing anything possible to deport them back to harm in their home countries.

DHS officials have even been willing to commit federal civil rights crimes and then cover them up to effect their goals of deportation at any cost.

It has taken a heavy toll on us as advocates.

For so long, it has broken our hearts to see such powerful forces align to attack the most vulnerable people in need of protection from severe harm, including rape, beatings, and death.

But we have won a huge victory.

We will come back on the heels of the azure waters of Jamaica with a vengeance.

We will permanently stop the attacks against children and others fleeing harm in Central America.

We will hold the individuals responsible for their crimes, whoever they may be or however powerful, accountable.

Now for a celebretary Mai Tai. Cheers to justice.

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