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President Obama’s Unlawful Campaign to Deport Every Central American Refugee Child

The haunting photo of a drowned Syrian toddler is apparently what is required to pass the President’s threshold for a perfunctory show of morality.

Why so cynical? Because every day since the summer of 2014 we have been on the front lines defending hundreds of Central American refugee children against President Obama’s relentless, unlawful, and aggressive campaign to deport every child who fled to the U.S. after May of 2014.

A rushed letter we sent to the asylum office provides a brief snapshot of how the President has willfully deprived unaccompanied children their Constitutional and statutory rights in applying for protection under United States Law.

Below you will also see a quarter by quarter break down of asylum approval rates from Fiscal Year 2014 through the first three quarters of Fiscal Year 2015.

President Obama should not only be ashamed, but concerned that he and members of his administration will be subject to criminal prosecution after his term ends for such brazen disregard of U.S. laws that exist solely to protect vulnerable children from serious harm or death in their home countries.

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