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Request To Texas Rangers For Arrest of Persons Unlawfully Detaining Migrant Children in Dilley and Karnes City

Children Detention Camps in Texas violate section 54.011(f) of the Texas Family Code.

Community Activists and attorneys call for immediate enforcement of code and arrest of all individuals who are in direct violation of the code by detaining immigrant children in Texas

For immediate release:

Austin, TX – April 3, 2015  – A group of attorneys from various parts of the country who have represented or advocated for children detained by ICE submitted an arrest request to the Office of the Attorney General of Texas and the Headquarters of the Texas Rangers on April 2, 2015. The request calls for the immediate arrest of all individuals engaged in assisting and/or detaining children at the South Texas Family Residential Center (STFRC) and the Karnes County Residential Center (KCRC).

Section 54.011(f) of the Texas Family Code states that “any person who knowingly detains or assists in detaining a nonoffender – defined as any child who has been taken into custody as is being held solely for deportation out of the United States – commits a Class B Misdemeanor.”

The Government of the United States has made it a priority to detain asylum-seeking migrant children and their mothers. The newest detention facility was opened in Dilley, Texas in December of 2014 in order to increase the government’s capacity to detain and deport migrant children.

Recently, both STFRC and KCRC have been the focus of various investigations, neither of the centers are accredited and numerous reports of sexual abuse have emerged from KCRC. Two weeks ago, a detained mother attempted to commit suicide when she learned that her bond amount was too high and she would not be able to afford it.

Currently, 78 women detained at the KCRC are undergoing a hunger and work strike to call attention to the horrendous prison-like conditions under which they are forced to live with their children. One of the parents described Karnes as a “prison for children”. The mothers are asking for immediate release given that most of them have passed credible-fear interviews but have either been refused bond or given bond amounts that are too high.

This is the link to the request submitted by the group of attorneys who affirm that KCRC and STFRC are in direct violation of the Texas family Code and that all individual involved in running both of these detention centers must immediately be arrested and charged according to the law.

For more information contact: Bryan S. Johnson, Esq., 631-647-9701.

Request for arrest for violation of section 54.011(f) of Texas Family Code from Bryan Johnson
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