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Obama’s torture of a 9-month-old baby

Below is an affidavit of a teen mother who was forced to endure 10 brutal days in freezing cold jail cells with her 9-month-old baby.

The affidavit will be used to legally bar the Obama administration from deporting her and her baby in a motion to terminate.

The baby was very sick during 10 days in border patrol’s jails with a fever and severe congestion.

He did not receive any medical treatment for 10 days straight. He did not eat anything solid for 10 days straight. As a result of this brutal deprivation of basic necessities, the 9 month old baby lost approximately 35 percent of his body weight.

Thus far, there has been no one held accountable for the crimes committed against this teen mom and her baby boy.

We will continue to expose Obama’s systematic torture of children and babies in DHS custody over the past few years until those responsible are held accountable for their egregious violations of both civil and criminal law.

Here is the full, redacted affidavit

Obama's torture of a 9 month old baby. from amjolaw

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