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A 4-year-old Victim of Torture in Artesia Jail

I close my eyes and see a little girl, only 4 years old, crying hysterically.

A man, with fury in his eyes,  approaches her and places a hot clothing iron on her hand.

The girl screams and screams and screams.

The man then shoves the girl with such force that her head hits a table, knocking her unconscious for a long time.

Her mother, quietly sobbing, holds her daughter tight but is powerless to protect her from her own father. 

I open my eyes and realize that this little girl, a survivor of torture, has been in jail in Artesia, New Mexico for more than 2 months.

This girl and her mother, also a victim of brutal abuse over several years, were days from being deported back to the place they fled just months ago.

Fortunately, we have temporarily stopped the girl and her mother from being deported to certain harm and possible death.

But how many other little girls and boys will not be lucky. How many will be sent back to torture, to a living hell?


Despite irrefutable evidence that most women, children, and babies jailed in Artesia and Karnes are eligible for asylum, the Obama administration is moving forward with plans to open a massive  (2400 beds) child and baby detention center in Texas.

Who jails babies eligible for asylum or even protection under the convention against torture?

We do.

The Obama administration’s capacity for committing horrible acts in the name of perceived political goals is breathtaking and must be stopped.

For starters, we should insist that the Barack Obama and Jeh Johnson be charged with child abuse and neglect crimes, which they continue to commit with complete impunity.

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