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Open Letter to Congress: Reject Obama’s Request For Expedited Removal of Central American Children

Below is a message that we have sent to several members of Congress. Please feel free to use the text for your own letter to Congress:

“I am writing to urge Congress to do all that is possible to deny President Obama’s request to give DHS ‘additional authority to exercise discretion in processing the return and removal of unaccompanied minor children from non-contiguous countries like Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.’

We have over 100 unaccompanied Central American children as clients.  These children should not be subject to expedited removal. DHS is incapable of properly screening children for relief from removal.

If President Obama’s request is granted by Congress, thousands of children will be sent back to concrete harm in their native countries. Many of our clients are victims of sexual abuse, gang violence, and/or domestic violence. These children are often unable to speak about their past experiences, even in a safe place in front of their adult caretakers.

These children should be protected. Political considerations should not blind us to the need to protect children fleeing from concrete harm.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Very Truly Yours,


Bryan S. Johnson, Esq.

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