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U.S. State Department’s Office of Inspector General: State Department Attorneys Are Free to Commit Egregious Human Rights Violations

Below is the full audio of the conversation I had with a State Department Attorney on July 16, 2013. A small excerpt was included in the linked post.

To Summarize: The Office of Inspector General has so far ignored an internal complaint that alleges serious violations of 3 individuals’ civil rights for one and a half years. Additionally, this conversation reveals how the State Department provides no due process for U.S. citizens abroad who have had their U.S. passports confiscated based on mere suspicion of fraud.

For example, my client’s U.S. passport was confiscated in 2005. Shortly thereafter, her mother traveled to El Salvador to tell U.S. Embassy officials that her daughter was indeed born in the United States. Instead of taking this information into account, U.S. Embassy officials simply told my client and her mother that it was too late and the case had already been transferred to Washington. The State Department attorney who speaks in the audio is also the attorney who  made the decision to revoke my client’s U.S. passport in March of 2012. He confirms that the file contains nothing about my client’s mother visiting the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador.

The U.S. Embassy also failed to forward a number of additional pieces of evidence to the State Department in Washington, D.C. that were probative of my client’s U.S. citizenship. And to make matters worse, State Deparmtent attorneys in Washington D.C. only review the evidence forwarded to them by the Embassy abroad. They do nothing to corroborate the reliability of the evidence nor do they engage in common sense activities like looking for easily obtainable evidence that would be probative of U.S. citizenship. They could have given my client a chance to speak in her defense, for example.

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