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The Audacity of President Obama’s Deportation Duplicity

President Obama’s speech on immigration reform on January 29, 2013 described undocumented immigrants in a favorable light:

 …And the overwhelming majority of these individuals aren’t looking for any trouble.  They’re contributing members of the community.  They’re looking out for their families.  They’re looking out for their neighbors.  They’re woven into the fabric of our lives.

However, just yesterday Obama implied that he had no compunction in ripping undocumented immigrants out of the fabric of our lives.

In an interview with Telemundo Obama said:  “I make no apologies for us enforcing the law as well as the work that we’ve done to strengthen border security.”

Obama was also asked if deportations would continue. His answer was duplicitous in the extreme:

That may be a moot question, because I anticipate us being able to get comprehensive immigration reform done.

May be moot. As in not currently moot because undocumented immigrants are still being deported in record numbers.

When asked the same question in a separate interview with Univision, Obama responded:

I’m not a king. There are still going to be stories that are heartbreaking with respect to deportations until we get comprehensive immigration reform.

What about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)? DACA is a blanket refusal to enforce the immigration laws of the United States. DACA is an unprecedented use of Deferred Action. In other words, Obama is only willing to be bold if he stands to gain politically. DACA only happened because President Obama wanted a boost in the elections for 2012.

Now that there is no election, Obama is unabashedly expressing his indifference  at the destruction of immigrant families. Obama has the power to implement a moratorium on deportations. 

At the very least, Obama should  create a similar administrative program to DACA that stops deportations that would result in the separation of immigrant families.

What makes my blood reach a boiling point is not the anti-immigrant actions of the President. Rather, it is his cunning duplicity in pretending he has no power to act otherwise.

Obama refuses to be accountable for the concrete harm that ICE has caused to the families of the deported. He refuses to look at us in the eye and say: “My administration has destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children who have done nothing wrong.”  He hides behind the obviously false assertion that he has no choice.

President Obama: If you are bold enough to break international law by unilaterally assassinating suspected terrorists, you can institute a legal moratorium on deportations of immigrants with families in the United States.

Let our President know you want a halt to deportations by signing this petition. 

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    i agree he should stand up and answer to his destruction of our families! our children need their parents!! i know me and my children need my husband but THE PRESIDENT DONT CARE!!! STOP DEPORTING FAMILY MEMBERS!!!!! RELEASE THEM! RELEASE HENRY MENCIA-BARAHONA# 078178744 ELIZABETH DETENTION CENTER.,. ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY…MARRIED TO U.S. CITIZEN WITH U.S. CITIZEN CHILD ..NO CRIMINAL RECORD!

    January 31, 2013

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