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Comprehensive Immigration Reform On Horizon? Not so fast.

Lamar Smith: Mastermind behind destruction of immigrant families.

Steve King: a particularly nasty hater of immigrants.

Ever since President Obama was re-elected, there has been a deluge of politicians, including  prominent Republicans in Congress such as the John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives, harping on about passing comprehensive immigration reform legislation.  Could it all just be talk?

In an article titled “After Post-election talk of immigration reform, the inevitable reality check.” , Lesley Berestein Rojas provides two compelling arguments on why immigration reform could just be a pipe dream:

First, Congress is busy with the “Fiscal Cliff.” Or in other words, trying to keep the sinking ship of the U.S.’s economy afloat just a little longer with the usual stop-gap measures.

Second, a big part of the Republican party has and always will be virulently anti-immigrant.

So far, the new esprit de corps hasn’t spread to Republicans on the House immigration subcommittee, which could act as the conservative firewall against new legislation. The committee is packed with members who support limited immigration and oppose legal status for illegal immigrants.

The retirement of subcommittee chairman Elton Gallegly, R-Calif., at the end of the year could lead to the elevation of vice chairman Steve King, R-Iowa. King has been an archenemy of immigrant advocates and last year introduced a bill to eliminate automatic citizenship for children born in the United States to illegal immigrants.

Although Democrats have a tattered record on immigration, the Republican party has been the driving force behind nasty, anti-human immigration laws and policies. Lamar Smith, a Republican, was the author of the 1996 laws that were designed to address illegal immigration yet only achieved the arbitrary destruction of hundreds of thousands of families.

The President should be honest with the public for once.

If reform is unlikely, tell us. Absent a concrete possibility of reform actually passing, President Obama should expand DACA and consider other similar relief for their families, as suggested by Donald Stump.

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