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Randy Altschuler is an anti-immigrant who has no understanding of the U.S. Constitution, logic, or basic decency

Randy Altschuler: An anti-immigrant with no understanding of the U.S. Constitution, logic, or basic decency.

Randy Altschuler is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives against incumbent Tim Bishop in New York’s first district.

Mr. Altschuler’s first headline on his campaign page is titled: “Rep. Bishop an Embarrassment to Suffolk County.”

However, Mr. Altschuler’s “stance” on the issue of immigration reveals that he is not only anti-immigrant, but embarrassingly ignorant of the U.S. constitution as well as basic logic and decency

Mr. Altschuler provides four bullet points on what he purportedly believes is a reasonable position on immigration reform. Point # 3 reads as follows:

No bail for illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the United States.

What an intellectual!

Bail is embedded in our constitution in order to permit a defendant to be free from detention while a criminal charge is pending against them. Prior to a conviction, a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Mr. Altschuler’s groundbreaking idea on immigration is  that all “illegal immigrants” are guilty of committing crimes solely on account of the fact that they are “illegal immigrants” and therefore should not be afforded the right to be free from unlawful detention that is embedded in our constitution through the Habeus Corpus clause.

Mr. Altschuler’s second and fourth bullet points are similarly reflective of a man who is a populist demagogue willing to sacrifice basic principles of intelligence and decency to get the Nativist vote out in the ballot boxes for him in November.

Point 2 reads as follows:

Giving states the flexibility and freedom to address out-of-control illegal immigration that adversely impacts crime rates and local economies.(emphasis added)

In other words, Mr. Altschuler is telling Suffolk County residents that all of the brown people one sees in Suffolk County are committing crimes at a higher rate than white people and also happen to be destroying the economy.

Mr. Althschuler: do you really want to be responsible for fanning the flames of hatred in a County that produced a string of hate crimes against individuals because they were “Mexican”, which ultimately led to Marcelo Lucero’s murder in 2008?

Because that is exactly what you are doing by making reckless and unsubstantiated statements that “illegal immigration” and therefore “brown people” are some evil beings who share a higher burden of responsibility for society’s woes than the rest of the community.

For point number 2 alone Mr. Altschuler should be ashamed of himself.

Given Suffolk County’s lurid past of persecution on account of being Latino, Mr. Altschuler’s false claim in point number 2 puts real lives at risk. If Mr. Altschuler gains nothing else from this article, it should be that he approach immigration in a humane manner so that he does not endanger Latino lives. Erase point number 2, Mr. Altschuler, and next time you speak about immigration, try using facts.

Mr. Altschuler’s last point is another howler:

A prohibition on the granting of drivers licenses, welfare payments or in-state college tuition breaks for illegal immigrants.

News Flash! New York already has a prohibition on granting drivers licenses to “illegal immigrants.” (unlawfully present, if you want to stop being an ignorant demagogue)

New York also already has a prohibition on welfare payments and in-state college tuition breaks for unlawfully present immigrants. The only immigrants that are allowed to get driver’s licenses are those who are considered “lawfully present” in the United States. Even lawfully present immigrants are barred from receiving welfare payments.

Altschuler: Heartless and Disingenuous 

Mr. Altschuler stated in a debate against Mr. Bishop that: ““Immigration is a critical issue…We need to fix immigration policy.”

When asked about the new Obama-designed Deferred Action policy, he added  that while he is compassionate to young people brought to the country as children, he supports a policy that “doesn’t reward folks that are here illegally.” “Tim Bishop and I have two different positions,” Altschuler said. “He supports blanket amnesty.”

Mr. Altschuler’s “proposals” would do nothing to fix immigration policy.  To summarize Altschuler’s brilliance: he will indefinitely lock up any “illegal immigrant” who gets arrested regardless of whether they actually committed a crime; hire more CBP officers;  demonize a whole ethnic group a la Arizona; and last but not least put a stop the nefarious phenomena of “illegal immigrants” overtaking our nation’s great roads.

He also purports to feel compassion for young people brought to the country as children but then repeats the hackneyed mantra of “not rewarding folks that are here illegally.” Come on!

As morally opprobrious as it is for children to flee their homelands from violence and/or poverty for a better life in the United States, Americans need to realize that success and prosperity derive from merit and not Altschuler’s  irrational, unjust, and stupid protectionist stance.

According to Altschuler’s,  brilliant individuals like Heart Surgeon Harold Fernandez should be prevented from reaching their potential in a bid to maintain the patented failure of the enforce now, enforce forever policy on immigration reform.

Given the above, Suffolk County residents should vote for Tim Bishop this November and stay far away from the anti-immigrant demagogue Randy Alstchuler.

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    • And? Demos appears equally clueless when it comes to immigration.

      September 26, 2012

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