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Democrats to Latinos: Vote for Obama or Romney will deport you, your family, and your friends.

The Democratic party is shamelessly using Dreamers as fodder for their disingenuous election machine. This article comes to the latter conclusion through two parts:


First, through the alarming contradiction within the public statements of its keynote immigration speaker, Congressman Luis Gutierrez; and Second,  through Barack Obama’s sordid record on immigration in his 4-year tenure as President of the United States.

On the national stage, the Democrats spoke thusly to all the young people eligible for deferred action for childhood arrivals. (DACA)

 This election will determine whether high school valedictorians, football team captains and student council presidents will be treated with respect–or treated like suspects. Whether they reach their dreams, or whether Mitt Romney turns their dreams into nightmares.

The message here is unequivocal and directed at a group of people (Latinos, mostly)  who are absolutely terrified (with the exception of a small group of stalwart groups such as Dreamactivist) of being deported or having their loved ones deported.

If you do not vote for Obama, Mitt Romney will end DACA and deport you. The Democrats forcefully stated that their dreams (deferred action) will turn into a nightmare (rescinding of Deferred Action and possible deportation)  if Mitt Romney wins the elections this fall.

However, the Democrats, particularly Luis Gutierrez (and of course by implication Barack Obama) have publicly stated that all dreamers who meet the basic criteria for deferred action should apply: 

…I am encouraging those who meet the basic criteria to consider applying for DACA…

Assuming Mitt Romney would revoke DACA and and deport Dreamers upon assuming the Presidency, as the Congressman says, then the Democrats are committing serious ethical violations.  They are encouraging people to apply for DACA while simultaneously admitting that there is a substantial possibility that applying could turn their dreams into “nightmares.”

It is one thing to use political rhetoric as applied to abstract concepts, such as general immigration reform, and quite another when talking about something like Deferred Action. The latter will directly impact thousands of young immigrants’ lives in a concrete manner. The Democrats should not use the potential benefit it can have as a bludgeon against the GOP to pander to the Latino vote.

In other words, Democrats have admitted that it is dangerous to apply for DACA because Romney will end it if elected. As such, Democrats have an obligation to tell these young immigrants to stop all applications until and if Barack Obama wins the election.

To do otherwise is to put lives at risk, which apparently is not an issue for Luis Gutierrez and Dick Durbin, who continue to refuse to take a leading role in ensuring DACA applicants are screened properly before applying.


Another instructive quote from the Congressman of Illinois is in order:

Now, America faces a stark choice. The future of a generation will be decided in this election. We cannot deny them. President Obama is protecting immigrants.

Emphasis added for lying.

Obama is not and has not protected immigrants. He has deported more people in his tenure than any other president. Not only has he reached such unprecedented heights in the art of deportation and its inextricable counterpart, family destruction, he has bragged about it and subsequently refused to corroborate their self-serving, unsubstantiated claims that more than half of the of the 396,906 deportations were undocumented immigrants with felony or misdemeanor convictions. (from 2010-2011)

How about this for “protecting” immigrants? From January 1, 2011, through June 30, 2011, the Obama administration announced that they were “pleased” to have deported 46,486 parents of United States citizens.

But what about the big June 15, 2011 ICE memorandum on stopping the deportations of all “low-priorty” cases. It looks like another political stunt because it is unrealistic to expect ICE, a gargantuan machine designed to deport, to immediately shut itself off through a non-binding administrative memorandum.

Since the end of May in 2012 only 4,585 out of the 298,173 pending since September of 2011 were granted prosecutorial discretion via the June 15, 2011 memo. The paltry number further undermines the Obama’s administration stated purpose for the memo, which was to ease the immigration court backlog and focus resources on high priority immigrants.”

Let’s not forget Secure Communities, the federal version of SB1070 and its copycats that the Obama administration has so vociferously opposed.

This is another example of outright political fraud. Secure communities is a net that is designed to place any immigrant arrested, irrespective of whether the person committed a crime,  into ICE’s hands through mandatory fingerprint sharing with local law enforcement.

According to Politico, in early 2010, ICE indicated that “local communities could elect not to participate in the [secure communities.” However, in October of 2010, “DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said that local law enforcement could not opt out of the program.” When local governments and immigrant rights groups inquired into this apparent lie, ICE had to be dragged through court for them to explain themselves. 

If Barack Obama is protecting immigrants, why did he and Napolitano so aggressively push a program that is designed to harm immigrants? Perhaps o satisfy the moderate electorate who are vulnerable to practice in America’s pastime of scapegoating the immigrant.

Lastly, there is the fact that the Obama administration has actively cooperated via a 287g agreement with a known totalitarian and racist, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Through a 287G agreement,  ICE allowed MCSO to exercise immigration enforcement powers. It was more than just mere cooperation, it was an active power delegated from ICE to MCSO.

Despite an ongoing Department of Justice investigation into rampant civil rights abuses of Arpaio’s office, ICE continued to maintain the 287G agreement. In fact, the agreement was in effect until the very public DOJ report was released on December 15, 2011, when DHS announced its termination.

Obama had this agreement despite the fact that Arpaio tried to literally take over power of the legislative and judicial branches of the Maricopa County Governement.

It gets even scarier.  On the day before the start of the Democratic Nation Convention, the Obama administration dropped its 4 year criminal investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The federal government provided no explanation for its actions, such as insufficient evidence, in effect conceding that it was a political decision. 

Upon seeing the reams and reams of irrefutable evidence of rampant abuse of power by Joe Arpaio against his political opponents and the Latino population, any laymen would see that Arpaio is nothing more than a criminal thug. He is a real threat to thousands and thousands of Latinos.

Maegan La Mala at Vivirlatino synthesizes the meaning of the dropped charges well:

With the Supreme Court case against SB1070 in Arizona done and generally forgotten and with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals dominating the work of most pro-migrant non-profit organizations, the decision coming on the eve of the Democratic National Convention can be taken as additional proof that the current administration is playing a shell game when it comes to immigration policy.

Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times, a journalist who knows all about Arpaio’s reign of terror, accurately describes the “Feds” i.e. Obama and the Democrats’ as a “Cage of Cowardly Lions” in the Arpaio investigation and cheekily describes the decision to drop charges as an “election-season wet kiss.”

As Maegan stated, the timing of the decision to drop charges is very suspect. On any other regular news day, the decision to drop the charges would dominate the news cycle.

The cowardice in letting a predator prey upon the defenseless is yet another among the many examples this article has already provided to demonstrate that Barack Obama is not “protecting immigrants.” For the last 4 years, Barack Obama has done quite the opposite.


The dreamers, through their own hard work and that of their family and friends, have earned power. Real power.

The Obama administration would not have created the Deferred Action program if it were not for this power. The DNC would not have made DACA such a focal point in its platform if it were not for that power.

However, the actions of the Democratic party, specifically through the crooked double-speak of Luis Gutierrez and the Deporter-in-Chief Barack Obama, indicate that the Democrats are doing all that they can to control the Dreamers’ power and to manipulate it for their political purposes–even if it is to their detriment.

The Democrats’ real official platform on immigration is this:

“Remember, kids, if you don’t vote for our party, the bad man Romney will swoop down upon you and deport you and your family.  Your power means nothing without us.” -Sincerely, your Benevolent Benefactors. 

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    Just a note. You can’t vote if you’re applying for DACA. DACA doesn’t give you citizenship. So they aren’t pandering for the votes of DACA-eligible folks. In addition, Obama has cancelled Secured Communities in Arizona just to piss off Brewer. I think he deserves a bit of credit for that. Moreover, you can’t hold an agency’s inertia against political change against the President, particularly when that agency’s highest non-political heads have issued opposing memorandums that conflict with the President’s order. This is an administrative law issue, not a failure of our Chief Executive.

    September 10, 2012
    • Dems are pandering to the families and friends of DACA applicants. Also, many DACA applicants have greater voices than that of U.S. citizens, thereby allowing them influence the others’ votes. In other words, Latinos.

      Obama’s actions in Arizona are unconvincing.

      September 10, 2012
  2. Your wrong and should get your facts straight. Go with Romney and I’ll wave to you from the boat you’ll be sailing on. Nobody has done anything about the immigration problems for a long time. The president is trying to do something even if as you say, its for political reasons. It’s not just a president your voting for either, it’s the party that comes along with it as well. Like a marriage, you get the ‘relative’s that come along with the package. Look at the Democratic party’s values and stances on immigration and civil rights and then look at Romney and the Ultra-right wing Conservatives values and voting record on civil rights and immigration. I don’t think you would say, Republicans are your ‘friend’. No, I don’t see ‘Jan Brewer’ as a friend or Newt Gingrich, who called the ‘Spanish’ language-“the Language of living in a ghetto”, a friend. I see you did not put down all the ‘othe’ things the president has done or have had the ‘Congress’ shoot down. Examples of amendments that were cut down by Republicans only to hurt Obama politically, without any regard for YOU-
    SPOUSES and MINORS: Obama voted in favor of (S. Amdt. 1183), a failed bill that sought to reclassify spouses and minor children of legal immigrants as immediate relatives, giving them ‘legal’ status in the U.S.-so-called “chain migration”– Republicans voted against it.

    *Immigration Reform: Obama voted in favor of a failed bill for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2007(S.1639), which would have introduced guest-worker-visa and path-to-citizenship programs for illegal immigrants already residing in the country,Republicans voted against it..
    *Head Start programs whose students are 33% Hispanic, received a $2.1 billion investment from the Recovery Act.
    *Student loan Reforms-the President has doubled the amount spent on Pell Grants, providing assistance to the 39% of all Hispanic undergraduates who rely on them. The President has also made a record investment of over $1 billion into Hispanic Serving Institutions, including a recent set of grants to totaling over $107 million. So many things are left out of your article.
    Romney rejected the DREAM Act that would provide a pathway to citizenship for some young illegal immigrants.
    *Mitt Romney called Arizona’s controversial immigration law a ‘model’ for the rest of the country. *Romney is against Amnesty and calls for self-deportation!.
    **Obama Vs. Arizona immigration laws- the president challenged the Arizona law & the Obama administration succeeded in getting three other parts of the law thrown out by the Supreme Court last month, the administration failed to get the “show me your papers” requirement overturned on its argument that federal law trumps state law. The coalition is seeking to shelve the requirement on other grounds. Mormons-
    *I do not believe in mixing politics and religion,no way! However after investigating the Mormon church, they have been found to have voted against the ‘Civil Rights Act’ and Gay Rights,pouring millions into campaigns against them. They are against ethnic groups especially ‘Afro American’s’ becoming Mormons. Although they pulled back on that in recent years to increase membership,they never took back their ‘bigoted’ statements against black people.
    Mitt was a Bishop in the Mormon church. Many women and children literally escape from the Mormon church every year calling it a “cult. Major belief-“Salvation is found nowhere else but through the Mormon Church organization. The creeds of all other churches are an abomination. People who go to these other churches “highly offend” God who considers their pastors and ministers the “most corrupt of all people”. Christians are all damned”.
    I really wonder what Mitt really thinks of if he must represent ‘all’ the people(if elected), with that kind of doctrine in his head! (2 sites out of many to get some more info on Mormons:
    The other thing I still can’t figure out is why Senator Mark Rubio has politically aligned himself to such an extremist party- a party that probably would not invite ‘you’ into their Anglo-Saxon golf clubs!
    After all we are the 47% of Americans who do nothing remember that?

    October 10, 2012
  3. “Your wrong and should get your facts straight.” Which of the facts are not straight?

    October 10, 2012

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