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This video was first published on youtube on August 6, 2012,, and then Senator Durbin’s website,…. It was also posted on Senator Durbin’s facebook page.

After fierce criticism from immigration attorneys pointing out how reckless (The “don’t hire a lawyer or pay a notario…Virtually everyone will be able to go through this process without a lawyer” part) this video was, it was scrubbed from the internet in what appears to be an attempt to cover up a substantial blunder.

Unfortunately, neither Senator Durbin or Congressman Gutierrez have explained why they erased the video, opting for a “delete, delete, delete, and hope everyone forgets” strategy.

Fortunately, I was able to record the video prior to its disappearance so that it could not just be “forgotten.”

To correct the detrimental reliance that this video has undoubtedly caused to DACA applicants, Senator Durbin and Congressman Gutierrez must correct their error by explaining their actions.

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